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Week 2 of LCS matches for the 2016 Summer Split is already on its way, as EU kicks off in just about 30 hours. We are early into the split, but there is still plenty of action taking place as Origen announced earlier in the week Forgiven’s dismissal from the roster, being replaced by Xpeke. I’ll be honest, so far when it comes to EU, I am struggling to pinpoint exactly the number one choice for each position. Especially starting off Week 2 Day 1, where prices for players have gone up on AlphaDraft. I am however confident in my favored teams lineup, and using that I have pinpointed what I believe to be a top tier Fantasy lineup for the EULCS W2D1.



Favored Teams

H2K (2-0)


Team Vitality (2-0)


Fnatic (2-0)


G2 Esports (2-0)


FC Schalike 04 (2-0, Possible Tie)


The Lineup

The favored teams are picked and now its time for the money maker – creating your lineup. The teams you want to avoid picking from are Giants, Origen, Unicorns Of Love, and ROCCAT. I would advise staying away from Splyce, however I do not believe it is detrimental. Also, while Origen is not the worse team by far, with Xpeke filling in I would like to see a day worth of matches before I asses the team.

Top Lane –


Going against yet another new roster for Origen I picked Cabochard for my top lane. He is significantly less cost wise then the top tier picks but should have no problem getting a decent amount of Fantasy points. I do highly recommend Odoamne as well if you can manage to budget around him.

Alternative Picks

odoamne gamsukikis

Jungle –


H2K faces Giants in today’s match-up. After an awful opening week for Giants, and based on roster comparisons, I believe H2K is going to absolutely stomp them.

Alternative Picks


Mid Lane –


A little pricey but definitely worth the price. G2 has shown despite their MSI performance they are a team to be feared – especially in EU. Their roster is far better than Roccats, and I expect that to show.

Alternative Picks

ryufebiven nukeduck fox



Rekkles has one of the highest Fantasy points per game in all of EU LCS. He is consistently performing at an incredible level and this week is not the highest pricing ADC – allowing you to save some money on a top tier pick. I highly recommend Rekkles for today’s games.

Alternative Picks 

freeze mrrallezzven

Support –
225px-PromisQFC Schalke 04’s debut in the EU LCS was fairly impressive. Sprattel is currently ranked 6th based on AlphaDraft’s pricing. However he is the cheapest support that is on one of the favored teams for day 1. He is not the most known and favored support, but I am confident he will make his price worth it. If you have the money KaSing is also not a bad choice for the price… or even the prodigy YellowStar himself. I unfortunately did not have spare cash for more top tier picks in this position.

Alternative Picks

mithy vander yellowstar kasing

Flex –
225px-MightyBearStrapped on cash I settled for MightyBear as my flex. Having a jungle flex is not necessarily bad as long as they make up the points in high kill participation… getting a lot of assists.

Team –

FCAlternative Picks

FnaticVitality H2K G2

My Final Roster


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