Its that time of the year again. The sun is beating down on us, kids are free from school, and most importantly the League Championship Series is back! Avid LCS fans may find themselves betting against friends while watching the games live on Twitch – because Fantasy LCS is back and better then ever. However for anyone who has played a Fantasy sport before, you know that picking the perfect roster is not only time consuming, but takes extreme comprehension of the professional scene. Thankfully for you, is your perfect source for not only LCS news, but Fantasy news and advice.


So you are new to Fantasy sports, especially League Of Legends, where do you start? Currently there are a few different venues to explore for Fantasy LoL. The most widely known is hosted by Riot, Here you have two options, you can either create your own league and find others to join, or find someone else’s league to join. The issue here is finding/creating a League is an annoying task. The positive of this option however, is it plays a conventional style to normal Fantasy sports in the fact¬†that you draft a team you keep throughout the split, and you are able to trade/pick up new players. Sites such as eslgaming also host Fantasy LoL events.

The other venue, and my personal go to for Fantasy LoL, are through sites such as DraftKings and AlphaDraft. These sites provide both paid and free entries that are hosted daily and allow you to test your skills against some of the better Fantasy owners, while also giving you a shot at real cash prizes and instant payouts. The benefit for this option is that you are able to pick any player (players are not taken by one owner, such as with Riot’s system). Instead you are given a salary that you must manage and use wisely to draft the best Fantasy lineup of that day. This also allows you to adjust daily as often times expectations do not meet reality. However, the downside is that without betting money this system does not feel as rewarding. Also these sites make it extremely difficult to place in the top ten, which some might find frustrating.

Once you pick your go to site, understand how the scoring works and draft accordingly. You can read about Riot’s scoring system here and AlphaDraft’s scoring here. For Riot’s long run system it is important to pick based on consistency. You want players who will play well throughout the split, because you are stuck with them. Where as with DraftKings and AlphaDraft it is important to look at that days matchup, and pick players you believe will have an explosive performance.

Another tip that applies to all is this: Make sure to pick a variety of teams. Do not draft all the players from Immortals, for example. While this works well when the team does well, it leaves zero room for failure. You want a lineup that is able to carry even when another player fails to perform to expectations.

Stay tuned for Fantasy Recaps, Predictions, and much more!


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