sdsdsToday, EU fans around the world tuned into the first matches of the 2016 Summer Split. EU, like other regions, faced a lot of changes coming into this new split not only roster/team wise but also format wise. EU teams now play BO2 matches which brings complications in almost every department (Casting, standings, fantasy, etc). Those complications are for another time, as this article is focused on one thing only – Fantasy Recap.

Origen vs. G2 Esports

Coming back from vacation G2 Esports sought to make a statement and that they did beating out Origen 2 to 0. Bringing the most Fantasy points from G2 was Perkz who scored a total of 9 kills, 2 deaths, and 3 assists – producing 31 points (based on AlphaDraft’s scoring). However despite losing both games, OG’s toplaner sOAZ finished 7/2/5 leaving him just two points behind Perkz. G2 Esports also picked up a total of 20 Towers, 9 Dragons, and 3 barons – giving them the highest team score of the day at 47 points. G2 Esports is currently the number one ranked for the team position and there is a reason why – showing such strong objective control this team is totally worth the cost.

H2K vs. Roccat

This series resulted in the first official tie of the Summer split with Roccat taking out H2K in a surprise first game victory. The first game had no real Fantasy MVPs besides maybe Steelback who picked up 19 points. H2K quickly changed tones however absolutely dominating ROC in the second game picking up 22 kills to ROC’s 5. H2K Jankos raked in the points getting 47 from game 2 alone. He was not alone though, RYU picked up 32 points, Odoamne 37, and Vander 29 – H2K collectively had 326.94 Fantasy points.

FC Schalke 04 vs. Unicorns of Love

Newly acquired S04 made an amazing opening day against UOL dominating them for two wins. S04 was the go to team for Fantasy points today with their midlane getting a total of 76 points. Toplane was not slacking either. Steve picked up a total of 55 points and had two perfect games with not a single death. Top wasn’t the only one with no deaths either. Both MrRallez and Sprattel had zero deaths in the series. This matchup was truly amazing and shows a bright future for this roster.

Splyce vs. Team Vitality 

Fantasy points wise, this game was a wash. The second tie of the day.

Fnatic vs. Giants

The game most people were looking forward to. The return of the prodigy, YellowStar. Fnatic picked up the win for this series despite not being the cleanest closings we have seen from them. Gamsu and YellowStar were monsters for Fantasy points today, with Gamsu picking up 83.90 points in the series and YellowStar picking up 77.84. Fnatic also picked up 44 team points getting a total of 22 Towers, 5 Dragons and 4 Barons. I also cannot fail to mention Rekkles, who fell just below Gamsu points wise, picking up 82.27. This dominating performance shows promise for the future of Fnatic, and for many it feels as if YellowStar never left.