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Favored Teams

G2 Esports (2-0)G2Team Vitality (2-0)Vitality

Fnatic (2-0, Possible Tie*)


Unicorns Of Love (2-0, Possible Tie*)300px-Unicorns_Of_Lovelogo_square

FC Schalke 04 (2-0)


The Lineup

As the second week of the Summer EU LCS split wraps about today things are becoming a little more clear. Teams are falling into their position in the region and fans are finally seeing what they have to offer. Some teams have given us a pleasant surprise while others not so much. Right now on AlphaDraft however, the competition has just heated up – as fans can now play for a chance to win an all expense paid trip to LA in October for the World Finals. For the upcoming weeks you will be able to compete in EU and NA qualifiers, allowing you to obtain a spot as a finalist and compete for the grand prize… if you are good enough. For the whole split you can tune into SplitPush.net and follow @LeagueZeK for daily EU and NA Fantasy breakdowns and predictions.

Top Lane –kikis Kikis is an expensive pick costing the most at $7,900. Today it is very worth it to take this pick as G2 Esports will be going against Splyce who are currently ranked 7th place. G2’s roster is far superior than SPY’s roster who has struggled to win more then one game yet. Kikis has been the victim of some serious fan doubt/hate but its also important to understand that even if he is subbed out after one game – AlphaDraft counts the sub in his position. The next top options based on AlphaDraft’s cost are as follows: Odoamne, Cabochard, Gamsu, Vizicsacsi. I would rank Cabochard second based on his current price.

Alternative Picks


Pick At Discretion

gamsu odoamne

Gamsu and Odoamne are both top tier picks. Today they are playing against each other and it’s possible this match-up ends in a tie. While that is not necessarily bad, it can possibly make them a wash when it comes to Fantasy points. I think that this match-up is going to really show the strengths of both teams and for now I am avoiding some H2K and FNC players until we see how it pans out.

Jungle –


Another pricey pick and some may be hesitant after their tie to Roccat. Even with the tie G2 Esports managed to rack up some decent Fantasy points – especially Trick who often plays a major role in their victories.

Alternative Picks


Why aren’t Spirit and Jankos labeled pick at discretion? While I do see a possible tie for the H2K Fnatic game these two will both produce enough points to warrant a possible alternative picks, in my personal opinion.

Mid –


Despite the tie to Origen yesterday, Nukeduck produced a lot of Fantasy points and today against Roccat that should be no different. He is also currently one of the cheaper options for Fantasy, below S04’s midlaner Fox.

Alternative Picks 


Pick At Discretion


If I were to pick of these two players I would go for Febiven who I believe is the stronger mid lane option between them.


mrrallezGoing with MrRallez for my carry pick. Against Origen I think S04’s bot lane will perform very well. Especially against sub Xpeke.

Alternative Picks


Right now another strong option is VIT’s new ADC Reje, who had a strong debut yesterday. (His logo is blank as we do not yet have the graphics for him).

Pick At Discretion 


I believe Rekkles is the stronger pick here, as well as the safer pick.

Support –

kasingMy support pick for today is Kassing who is working well with brand new VIT ADC Reje. VIT is going against Roccat and should be able to pull off the win.

Alternative Picks


Pick At Discretion


Again these two are both great picks. I am just unsure on which match-up will perform better at this point in the split – which is why I am avoiding most FNC and H2K picks for today. They are also very pricey.


steveUsing my leftover cash I picked up Steve who has made big impacts so far this split. This is the best Flex pick I could afford using the rest of my roster (Use alternative picks if you want a different flex!)


Team –

Unicorns of Love logoGoing against last place Giants, this pick was an easy decision.

Alternative Picks


My Final Roster


AlphaDraft is giving fans a chance to win a paid trip to the 2016 World Finals – Click here to signup for the EU Qualifiers