Weekly Power Rankings – Week 1


Beginning today, weekly I will give a brief break down the top 10 teams (in my opinion) in the pro scene week by week, based on stats, scrim sessions and tournament placings.


So, here’s week 1:


  1. eLevate

Looked terrific all throughout the open bracket, but appeared to run out of gas when it came down to the tougher matches.


  1. EnVyUs

They were really up and down all weekend and lacked consistency in each of their series (mostly from little practice). They still remain a scary team to play against.


  1. Evil Geniuses

After their embarrassing showing at the PSX Invitational, EG really turned things around and began looking like the team they should be.


  1. OpTic

Lost to E6 3-0. E6? Really? Consistency killed.


  1. Splyce

The best team to come from across the pond the past weekend. Truly dominated in open bracket and groups.


  1. Allegiance

Very surprising yet impressive 4th place finish. Is this team the real deal?


  1. Cloud 9

Game 5 after Game 5, C9 just kept on winning. So much potential for this team for the 2017 season. 2nd place is a great way to begin their year.


  1. Luminosity

LG had somewhat of a disappointing finish at Vegas (5th/6th), but overall they looked like one of the more dominant teams throughout the weekend.


  1. Rise Nation

Yes, I’m putting them #2 even though they won Vegas. As good as Rise were, there’s still room for improvement.


  1. FaZe Clan

FaZe showed once again that they are not to be taken lightly. 1st and 3rd is just what they needed to get going after a rocky Black Ops 3. They are the best practices team in the world right now.


Snubs: Enigma 6, Gosu Crew


Disappointments: Orbit, OpTic, Infused, Team Kaliber