Olofmeister at ESL barcelona. © wiki.teamliquid.net
Olofmeister at ESL barcelona. © wiki.teamliquid.net

If olofmeister was to join NiP, I would say that right now, he would be replacing friberg, Xizt or pyth. But first, lets rule out the ones who would least likely leave: first off we have Xizt. Xizt has remained in the core lineup of NiP CS:GO since the beginning, and throughout the years, he has been the in-game leader and support. Not many people realize it, but I believe NiP need Xizt now more than ever, as he has the ability to guide f0rest and GeT_RiGhT when THREAT can’t.

We saw this unique ability of his in action last week during the Starladder tournament in Kiev, where NiP did not have their coach THREAT, and it was all up to Xizt to guide his team to their eventual victory.

This was done by using THREAT’s strats and discipline, but called by Xizt himself. The addition of THREAT has not only disciplined NiP, incorporated new ideas and a different playstyle within the team, but has also given Xizt room to breathe and also learn from his coach and again, we saw that he had put his lessons to good use within the SLTV tournament as he took the reigns and led his team. Another reason why NiP should keep Xizt over others would be his consistency in clutch situations. We see time and time again that Xizt has been a consistent fragger and major contributor in map wins due to smart and skillful clutches; he is clearly an experienced player that still has more than enough ability to compete in a top level.

Now we move on to the next player, friberg. Friberg has had a shaky past 2 years where he heavily fell from his banana throne during 2014-2015. Back then, he was mostly known for his spray downs and brick wall like holds on inferno banana at B site, which earned him the name ‘King of Banana’. These days were certainly his prime and we the audience surely loved watching him.

Sadly he is not the king he once was, but as we delve into 2016, we began to see his resurgence. 2016 has been a comeback year for this player as we have seen friberg increase his ratings gradually, especially though ESL Pro League, where we see that he still has the fight in him. We saw his largest improvements during their win at Malmo in Sweden, but then, the team had fallen back into a shaky pit that they could not hold up out of.

We can see a large consistency issue not just within friberg, but also withing the entire team itself – which must be sorted. As we progress further in the year, we see friberg reforming back into his old self with classic spray downs and clutches in EPL and especially during their win at Starladder in Kiev, where he had his best finals performance since a very long time. If he is to justify his place within NiP, we must see more consistency in his ratings and performance overall. This now leads us to the final player out of the three which is the newcomer Pyth.

Pyth joined NiP almost a year ago now, and he has provided some firepower to the team mostly from a support AWP position, as well as displaying a support playstyle.The interesting thing is though, he has been one of NiP’s better players throughout this year. We have seen his aim develop into a higher tier from when he first joined and he has since then become a valuable player within the team but as of right now he is purely as a support player and second Awper to f0rest.

Now we have to talk about NiP’s playstyle, olof’s position and how we can fit him in – this isn’t a scenario where we can build the team around olof but we must instead build olof around the team. We already have our two stars GeT_RiGhT and f0rest, but olofm can provide the consistency in frags and carry when either star has an off day. This type of player is highly valuable and can motivate others around him to play better.

If you think about it, f0rest is a player who gets burnt when playing too much or losing motivation: he is unable to perform to his maximal potential until majors and deep tournament runs, but he has been NiP’s most consistent player in almost every tournament. What happens when he loses motivation and plays poorly? I’ll tell you what happens: olofmeister will be there alongside GeT_RiGhT to provide the fragging power and security NiP need.

This can fix the consistency issues that NiP have as I mentioned earlier, because as we usually see – just like at Malmö – they win a large tournament against the top 8 or 10 teams in the world until then to suddenly fall off and lose their focus.

Overall, I do consider giving friberg a chance to resurge and we have yet to see his consistency as a player in 2016-17. I also believe that his site-hold skills against several enemies such as 1v5’s and 4’s is extremely good, and he knows how to manoeuvre himself in such situations which is a valuable and highly required skill.

Xizt is a reliable player who can support (throw all the nades, trade kills) and 8 out of 10 times pull a great clutch for the team to spark a comeback or end a map and serves as a strong and solid in-game leader.

Pyth is a supportive player who can secondary AWP and puts kills on the board, and he acts like a “bonding” for the team, in order to keep them together and play in a strict form. But nevertheless, I would remove pyth for olofmeister because as we saw in Starladder, Maikelele served as a great secondary Awper with his streaky playstyle where he can hold off 3 opponents on one site until a rotation comes, we saw from this tournament that NiP needed a lot more firepower and a secondary Awper with more mobility and site hold potential.

I believe olofm would fit into that position as a secondary awper quite well and when f0rest would like to awp, it would be no problem due to the versatile skillset olof has as a player. This would provide a large upgrade to the teams consistency and fragging power and frankly, I believe it would be a no brainer to pick up Olof. I would place Xizt as the new support player as we know that he has supported for quite a long time within the team whilst being in-game leader.

But another problem occurs, is olof comfortable with leaving dennis? I would say yes, considering he stated he would consider joining nip – and not adding a “oh but i need dennis as well”.

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