3 Reasons Why Cloud 9 Will Win UMG Orlando



Cloud 9 CoD is coming off from what’s considered a terrific performance at the Call of Duty World Championships. Realistically, C9 were expected to be knocked out early on in bracket play, but with CompLexity surprisingly taking down the heavy favorites OpTic Gaming, everything changed. Skipping ahead so this isn’t purely a recap article, arguably the most exciting match of the tournament featured Aches once again defeating OpTic to send them home from Champs.

So here’s reason number one why I believe Cloud 9 will win UMG Orlando. The momentum from their Champs performance will be on their side. I mean, let’s be real here, they beat coL, OpTic, European powerhouse HyperGames, and managed to force a last map against EnVy. Not to mention they also placed well at MLG Orlando a month before┬áthe huge tournament, with a line-up┬áthat was assembled only two weeks prior to that event. You can easily say that C9 will have a boatload of confidence going into Black Ops 3’s final event.

Reason number two: Haters are the motivators. Multiple articles came post Champs stating that Cloud 9 are now the “villians” of COD. In a way I do agree because I highly doubt that any OpTic fan at this point is a fan of C9. But is it really cause of that sole reason? Is it because Aches is on the team? To be honest, I’ll never know. Nevertheless Cloud 9 is definitely hated after what I saw on social media after Champs, but when has that ever affected Aches previously?

Finally my last reason as to why Cloud 9 will win UMG Orlando: oh yeah, they’re pretty good. Lacefield has dominated while playing at a SMG role, and is also a really aggressive player which heavily benefits their SnD game. He also placed 2nd at UMG South Carolina earlier this year with H2K. Ricky, another player that has really succeeded at the sub machine gun role. He spent most of his year on a sub-par compLexity team, but after joining force with Aches and crew, he has been able to enhance his skill even more with a solid squad around him. Assault has had his ups and downs this year, but since the coL/C9 trade, he also has had more freedom with the main assault rifle role putting up consistent numbers game in and game out. And finally. The one and only Aches.

Aches received a lot of hate after a poor year in Advanced Warfare, but this year has been a different story. Even though he has no event wins, he has proved many people wrong throughout the year. I won’t mention anything about 100 Thieves because honestly there is nothing to talk about there. Aches plays a valuable role and he does it very well. Having the ability to run any role on the team is very important to any good COD team. Also him having the knowledge to be an in game leader and strategize for the best formula for winning.

These are my reasons why I strongly believe Cloud 9 will win UMG Orlando. Let me know your opinions and feedback!